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TurboTax Canada Shopping Guide

Filing Taxes Made Easier

TurboTax is a software package designed to help with tax preparations. As the leading tax preparation software in North America, it is used by millions in Canada and the United States. It was first introduced in the 1980s by Michael A. Chipman for Chipset, which was bought by the Intuit Corporation in the 1990s. TurboTax makes creating and filing tax returns easier, guiding users step by step so that they can get the best outcome for their taxes — either a larger refund or a smaller tax due. TurboTax’s parent company, Intuit Corporation, is based in Mountain View, California. Turbotax.ca is the Canadian web page for TurboTax.

How TurboTax Works

With TurboTax, you don’t need an accounting degree to prepare or file your taxes. All you need to do is answer a series of questions, and the software will use that information to fill out your tax form. If something gets too complicated, you always have the option of consulting experts in real time through the TurboTax website. Even if you are an accountant, you can use the software to streamline your bookkeeping process. Certified by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), the TurboTax software adheres strictly to Canadian regulations and is guaranteed to have up-to-date forms.

Not convinced? You can try out a free version of TurboTax, which is great for computing simple tax returns. If you need a more robust program, choose among the paid programs that are designed for different needs: individuals, families, and businesses. The paid programs also come with real-time support. If you don’t know what to get, the TurboTax website will help you select the program that fits your needs. Whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent, freelancer, property owner, entrepreneur, or senior citizen, there’s a TurboTax program for you. The best part? Once you are done with your tax preparations, TurboTax will also help you file it.

How to Get TurboTax

You can purchase the TurboTax program from a local retail store and install it on your computer. However, please note that TurboTax only runs on Windows, so it will not work if you have a computer that uses a different operating system. And if your computer doesn’t have a CD player, don’t bother purchasing a TurboTax box from a retail store. Download it instead.

You can get TurboTax online via its web page. There, you have several options: download the program, create an account and use TurboTax online, or download the mobile app. If you choose to download the program, you will get the same product that you’d get if you buy it from a local retail store. The mobile app is free and is available for Android and Apple.

TurboTax Deals

There are free, basic versions of the TurboTax program that can be downloaded or used from the company website. But it’s a good idea to purchase the paid version, since you get free support and you can customize the features to suit your needs. If you’re using the online version, you don’t need to pay for using the program until you have filed your returns, which means that you can use it risk-free. Plus, the website offers tips on filing taxes for different situations, useful when you’re faced with major transitions such as marriage, children, a disability, or an inheritance.

Social Sites and Support

If you have any questions about TurboTax, head over to the online forum and the TurboTax community will help answer them. You can also find the FAQ on the same page. TurboTax is active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram; follow the company for the latest tax tips and official news. The company offers more free advice on its blog, which you can access via the Canadian tax help page, under tax resources and information.

TurboTax Canada Shipping Policy

TurboTax fully stands behind its tax preparation method. So much so that if its calculations are not 100% correct and your taxes are not done right, the company will pay any penalties you incur. Also, if you can get a higher tax refund or a smaller tax due using software from a competitor, then TurboTax will refund you the amount you used to purchase its program.

TurboTax Canada Return Policy

Make sure you check out the CRA tax information page for tax deadlines and other important reminders from the Canadian Revenue Agency. You can also see if you qualify for a tax credit or tax deduction. You can find the link at the lower right of the home page.